Tips: Crocheted Sea Net Bracelet

This tutorial assume you know some basic crochet stitches already: chain stitch and single crochet. It teaches double crochet. I would suggest trying the stitches with yarn, first, before you try it in wire.

Materials Needed:
* 24g or 26g wire
* Clasp
* Selection of Accent Beads & Swarovski
* Crochet Hook
* Wire Cutter
* Good Lighting (an Ott Light)
* Your Reading Glasses

From Beadwrangler.com:
The word crochet originates from the French word "croche" or "croc" meaning to hook. It is believed crochet as we know it could have existed as early as 1500A.D. and may have been part of nun's work. It is theorized that some lace from Egyptian tombs were crocheted by twisting pieces of cotton between the fingers and making the loops by hand. Thread work from Egyptian tombs and depiction's on vases from antiquity are suspect as crochet. Some ancient fishing nets are much like crochet. At one time crochet was considered for the wealthy only, for lavish decor in the home and dress. The poor were expected to stick with knitting basic needs and not dally around with "experimental" crochet. Angry words were published in magazines from the wealthy stating the lower class should stick to making necessities. The poor to middle class lashed back as to their rights to use crochet as they pleased. In the 1800's, bead crocheted bags, clothing and decor were a hit. Bead crochet bag popularity continued through the 1950's. The 1980's through the 1990's began a renaissance for bead and thread crochet.


Make bead soup with the beads you intend on using.You may want to consider a matte finish on some of your beads using Acid Etch.

Load them onto your wire. Remember to tie a knot at the end so they don't slip off!

Chain stitch (without beads) the length of your bracelet. Remember that you have the clasp to add later!

Basic double crochet, using yarn:
Yarn over hook.
Insert hook in the next stitch to be worked.
Yarn over hook.
Pull yarn through stitch.
Yarn over hook.
Pull yarn through 2 loops on hook.
Yarn over hook.
Pull yarn through last 2 loops on hook (one double crochet made).

Photo from Fleisher's Knitting and Crocheting Manual Fifteenth Edition, Published in the year 1917.

To add beads, you pull a bead up to the work anytime right before you yarn over the first time.

You can add as many or few beads as you want(I usually add one every other stitch).

The beads will only appear at the BACK of the work, so I do one row of double crochet with beads, turn my work, then one row of single crochet without beads.

Repeat until the bracelet is the width you want.

If you want a beaded edging, then work all the way around your piece as the last step, in single crochet, with beads.

Use a piece of wire to attach your focal beads to the center, and to your clasp.


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